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Wise Buddhist story for your child

Buddhist stories are very popular among children as an education tool. As most of them are written in simple language, they have...

Best tips for good sleep when you’re pregnant.

During the pregnancy, the period may be a nightmare for some women. Sometimes you are feeling uncomfortable in sleeping positions. Therefore we...

Bollywood actor Sushantsingh Rajput has been found dead body at his residence.

According to the police, He has been suicide. He was 34 years old. The...

Jesus on the cross

Jesus and cross can be mentioned as the basis of Christianity. It is believed that Jesus Christ has sacrificed his life on...

Why people trust Jesus?

Jesus, is believed as the son of Lord by the Christians. Why do I trust Jesus? Have you ever questioned yourself like...

Impact of coronavirus on the job market

COVID 19, new coronavirus has impacted almost every filed in the world. The threat of this virus is still there in almost...

Healthy Breakfast

Eat like a king for breakfast Eat like a normal person for lunch ...

Healthy snacks for a healthy body

“Oh! Don’t have it. They are not good”. This is the general opinion people have about having snacks. Are all snacks non-healthy?...

Coronavirus and trends in food delivery

Coronavirus has impacted almost all the industries in the world. Lots of industries today trying to find ways to continue their businesses...

Believe in your dreams

Dream is a series of emotions and thoughts usually occur during sleep. Some say that they are the actual desires of a...