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Four hidden Islands under the control of states.

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There are many  regions under the control of,United states of America,among them,many islands are foreign lands.Today,states own 16 foreign regions including five islands with human habitats.There are 11 more islands with no human habitates.

These islands are normally governed by a Governor or a local control board under the authority of USA.All the regions are affected by the American constitution.The people in these regions are privileged to receive the American samoa.

Puerto Rico

The governance of this island which is situated in the Eastern Caribbean sea was under the spain.As a consequence of the parise agreement of American –spain war, this governance is now fully owned by the American government.During the war ,the residents in rice were helped to the Americans.Mona,culebra and vieques are minor islands of Puerto Rico.The population records nearly 3.7 millon with good climatic conditions.Annually many tourists are captured by the ancient monuments and historical sites in Rico.The island is governed under the current president Donald Trump.

U.S.Virgin Islands

These islands are situated in the carribian sea.the major islands are saint croix ,saint John and saint Thomas with small archipelago.The population is over hundred thousand and the governance is under the control of representative from American President with a local control board.

Futhermore,the main income is acquired through the tourism and minor manufacturing related industries.

The islands were discovered by the colombus in 1493 and the residents possess the absolute American citizenship.Thus,the voting power is not allowed for the elections in America.


This island which is situated in the Eastern pacification 150 thousands. The citizen are born as American from birth .The main island is called as Mariana island The guam is popular as a tourist attraction with high scenic beauty.

Then this island was a colonya of spain which was now, governed under states after the Amrican-spain war in 1898.Today Guam has two American Military camps to streagth the military powers of states.

American samoa

This island is situated in the southern pacific ocean with five other islands.The population is nearly 50000 and the island has is military camps of states.

The main income of the island through the supply of Tuna fishes to America.Though this island is also governed under the states, the local control board is partially has some additional condition.

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