Airlines are known to be the most safer way of transportation in the world now. It is very rare to hear about aircraft accidents. If so, the damages cause by air crashes are severe and deadly.

There is no exact reason for an air crash but through proper attention we can overcome crashes. Carelessness and unlucky random arrivals of the airplane can cause for an air crash.

However, the world’s single largest aircraft accident is recorded in Japan in 1985.Records says that it is also caused by improper attention of the air crew.

Background story

“obon” is a traditional festival celebrated in the mid August by Japanese to commorate the dead. During this seasonal time Tokyo airport and railways are over crowded with people.who visit their family members in the countryside. With the hope of oban,many people gathered to the Tokyo airport on 12th Monday August,1985.No 123 of Boyin 747 airliner was also over crowded with passengers from Tokyo to Osaka.According to the records,there were 509 passengers with 15 aircrew including the pilot. The chief pilot was Mr.Osami Okahama.

The Accident

The first twelve minutes of the fly was recorded as normal at about 6.12p.m.,By then ,the plane was flying above the Bay of Sagumi. Meanwhile the pilots were informed about a  sudden burst in the back of the plane due to an imbalance  of pressure. Passengers were unable to breath and emergency alarmed were on.The pilots and the aircrew tried their best to take back the control of the plane which was then out of control of the plane which was out of the control.However their attempt was failed and the main control unit in Tokyo airport announced an immediate landing of the aircraft. Date to the risk of an air cash.

Soon after the plane was dropped down to 13500 feet.At this time the location was recorded above the ISU subcontinent and pilots were straggling for a safe lancing.However the plane was further dropped down for 7000 feet making their efferts in vein.At this time 90% of the plane was out of control.However after agreat effors pilots could take back to the hight of 13000 feet.But they could neither turn the place right nor left to find a safe ladning.So the Tokyo international airport officaially announced an immediate landing and granted the permission to try their best in order to protect the lives of the passengers.After a 44 minutes flight the plane was out of the radar system giving an ending to the whole journey.

Lucky four

A sudden rescue mission was started by the Japan air force just after the disappearing of the plane from the Radar.However,they could reach the place and found wrecks with the first sight,it was no possibility for any survivals.However the rescue members could find four lucky survivals from the crash who still astonished when asking what really happened on that day.

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