Versailles peace conference

Versailles peace conference

The assassination of the Duke of Austria. France Ferdinand with the crisis of political and economical sectors in Europe paved the basement for the first world war on 28th  of June,1914.Over 16 million people were dead due to the lassing flames of the war.On this basis ,the leading countries wanted to punished the Germany for the conviotion and close the chapter of war.

World leaders were gathered to Versailles place in parise with the hope of a fruitful solution for the war. The leading seats were reserved for united status of America,France and England .Mr.David Loid Jorge of France and the president of Vudro Vilson of united states were participated for the summit.Futhermore Germany was not called for the summit.Because punishing Germany was the main task of the agenda.Basically the aims of the USA,France Uk were completely indifferent to one and  Britain joing to the first world war in 1917.After three years of its start.The records says that nearly 116,516 people were dead.The most destruction was caused to France with 1357 800 lost of human lives recording the 3rd highest deaths in the 1st world war.Besides 1 773 700 and 1 700 700 people were died in Germany and Russia respectively.

The first world war was a Golden opportunity for United states in capturing the authority of the world. The destruction caused for the economy of United states were obviously low as they joing for the war in the latter part. Moreover, the main income of states was   through the selling military equipment and foods. But the economy of Germany ,France and UK were fully collapsed. Hence these countries were strong enough to withstand though the destruction was severe. Moreover United states supported these states by giving them financial support .This was an investment for states a good opportunity to come to  the world power. However this was not a good solution for the world economy crisis.


Another major effect of the first world war was the decline of the Sar governance of Russia. The ruling policies of Sar were a total destruction of its economy. Therefore Russian soldiers, peasants and starved civilians wanted to build a socialistic country. As a consequence of that Bolsheviks party came to power and Lenin had to handover a part of Russia to Germany in order to protect the soviate union from Bolshevik in November ,1917.However Russia was officially announced their withdrawal  of partnership in the 1st world war from the treaty of litowsky of March 1918. 

As mentioned above United stated was then on a stable Position in the world powers .So they showed the need of spreading peace and harmony in Europe. So they highlighted the importance of establishing “The league of Nations”for the world peace and forgiving Germany.But prime minister David Loid declared that punishments should be imposed on Germany and it should not be an obligation for the trade transactions .

Then the most disadvantageous proposal was given by France. The Prime minister  of France put forward some economical and  a terrestrial demands.First the region of Alsas Lorense should be governed under the control of France.Which was conqured by Germany during the France –persian war.These regions were rich with iron mines and it was the main reason to demand these regions back.The next, was to rule rayinland as an independent nation and military compensations should be payed by the Germany.Also France refused the proposal of the Leaque of Nations.

Although the leading powers had different ideas,they all needed to find a proper solution for the economical irises with   this hope world leaders were gathered again to the Versaills palace of Parise on 28th June,1919 and an agreement was made with the approval of the three parties.

Germany was forced to sign this agreement without any condition.The agreement was consisted of three sections .They were military section financial and territorial section.

According to that, the soldiers in German Military service should be limited to hundred thousand and the number of ships should be limited to six.Also it was forbidden to keep submarines or air force in Germany and German soldiers were not allowed to enter to the ray inland. In Financial sector they has to pay 132 billian gold mark(currency unit) and it was equal to 33 billion American dollars then ,according to territorial demands, Alas and Lorain regions were given to France and Germany was forbidden to hold agreements  with Austria.

The region between Eastern Germany and Eastern Persia was given to Poland and it was decided to grand the governance of Saraland which is rich with coal mines to France for a period of 15 years. Not only that ,but the African continent and the colonies of Germany were also given to France and Britain.

Later on,The league of Nations were establish in order to ensure the peace in the world.But Germany was not being able to take the membership in it.Finally the sole responsibility for causing a severe damage by the war was given to the Germany.

Accordingly  ,the first world war was officially ended through the Versailles peace agreement.The people in Germany were highly moved by their defeat and unfortunately the peace agreement paved the way for war in Germany again. Many fields  in Germany including economical and financial sections collapse in order to start a sever racial struggle at the end of the 1930.Which was the hidden fist of world II.

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