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Cities beneath the sea

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Sea is hiding millions of secretes of the world. There are many stories about beautiful islands and cities which are shored by the sea. Today we have brought out few of the many such cities in the world.

Dwarka In India

“Dwarka” means the way to the heaven in Sanskrit .According to the Mahabarat this city was build by the fourth phantom of the God Vishunu; Krishna in the Gujarat state in the Bay of kambay.legends say that the city of Dwarka was sunken by the sea due severe flood caused after the dealth of Krishna. Indian  says  that a new Dwarka  city was build on the ruins of the former city. Archeologists believe that the Dwarka city was spreaded over an area of 10 square  hectors with history of 9000 years ago They believe that the modern Dwarka city was build seven times on the ruined city by the Indians. Those ruins were discovered in 2002 by a group of Archeologists.Father more they have discover 900 000 royal palaces decorated with cristas silver and emerald gems.

Titicaca Lake in South America

Titicaca Lake is the biggest blakish water lake in the south American continent. It is also named as a world heritage by the UNESCO.In 2002 a group of archeologists have discovered a huge temple on the bottom of the lake.It is said that this temple is built before the Inka civilizationand also it is bigger than two football grounds. Archeologists believe that this temple was built before 1000 to 1500 years ago.Also the other antiques including day pots, sculptures and omaments were belonged to the Tuwanku tribe which was lived by the Titicaca lake before the arrival of Christopher Columbus.

Atlit – Yam In Israel

The ruins of Pre – historic settlements of Atlit Village were found in the city of Hifaa near the valley of Mediterranean sea during the 7th cencury B.C. This site was discovered by the Marine Engineer Ehud Galili in 1984.Later archeologists have found ruined houses ,rock wells, animals wastes woody ornaments and also  remaining of human bones in this site.In the centre of the city we can see a semi circular creation of seven stone pillars.Aecheologists believe that Atlit – Yam city was sunken by a Tsunami which was happened 8500 years ago.

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