It is a rare incident to receive many Nobel prizes for one family. The famous curie family is honored to share six Nobel prizes with in the members. This article is about the lucky story of Curie Family.

In 1903 Marie Curie and her husband, Mr.Piarie curie, received the first Nobel prize for the physics, and the second Nobel prize was won for chemistry in 1911 by Marie Curie.

Then, the elder daughter of Marie Curie, Irene Julliet curie with her husband Fredric Juliet Curie, received another Nobel prize for their exceptional commitment to the chemistry in 1935.

Fortunately, Mr.Henry Richardson, who is the husband of Eve Curie, the youngest daughter of the curie family, was able to receive another Nobel Prize for peace in 1965 with the honor of sharing six Nobel prizes within the family.

Mari Curie was born in November 1897 in Poland as Maria some Sklodowska. She was the only and the first woman to win the Nobel prizes twice. Hence she was the first female figure of being a professor in the parise university.she received several post-graduate degrees in Mathematics, physics, and chemistry from many universities around the world.

In 1894 Mri Curie meets her life partner Piarie curie, while she was in Paris to complete her higher education. After a year, they got married and had started a science laboratory on their own in which new experiments and inventions were done.

Henry Bekaral, than apprentice of Marie Curie and Pierre curie also received a Nobel prize in 1903 for physics. This Nobel prize was given for the invention of radioactive substances.

Unfortunately, Pierre Curie died in an accident while these young scientists engaged in the researches and experiments in radiation and magnetic field. Later, Mari Curie invented the Radium, which is a highly radioactive substance. This invention was a new step in the scientific field at that time. She received another Nobel prize for the invention of Radium. After a few years, Murie Curie died as a result of continuous exposure to radiation on the 4th of July in 1934.

Irene Curie, the eldest daughter of Curie family, was born in September 1897 in parise of France.She was interested in Mathematics,physics, and chemistry fields and later entered the Paris University for further education. In 1925 she received a doctorate from the University of Paris.

In March 1900, fabric Juliette joined as an apprentice of the Mari Curie. During
that period, this young scientist was fallen in love with Irene, and later they got married. In 1926 after their marriage, they used” Juliet Curie” as their surname. But many inventions were completed with their first names of Irene Curie and fedric Juliet.

They had several new experiments in the laboratory of Mari Curie in which they received the first Nobel prize for chemistry in 1935. It is for the invention of Aluminum as a radioactive substance and the emission of Alpha rays by its neutrons.

Eva Curie, the youngest daughter of Curie family, was a writer by profession, and also she had published a biography of Marie Curie. Later she was married to Henry Richardson, a wealthy politician and a diplomatic officer of America. In 1965 Henter Richardson received a Nobel prize for peace for his immense commitment to UNICEF. Finally, the Curie family was lucky to own six Nobel prizes in the family.

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