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World leaders

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We have heard about different orders and constitution of world leaders in the political area, but have you heard about the talents of those leaders. Here are some amazing talents of popular world leaders.

Vladimit putin as a Judo expertise

Vladimir putin ,the president of Russia is one of the most powerful leaders in the world today.Did you know that he is an expert in Judo.

Putin was interested in Judo since his childhood. He was an active member of Russian kejibi secrete intelligence cooperation  .Also he received the title of the master of sports in Judo in 1970 and later became the President of Europe Judo Society.He was also given an honorary title of “5th dan grade” which is given only for the expertise in Judo.In 2004 he has been the assistant writer of the book titled “Judo with putin”.

Putin is also engaging in many other sports including Ice hockey,karate and sambo,a section of Russian Martial arts.

Abraham Lincon as a wresfler champion

Former American president Abraham Lincon was a great wrestler with a height of 6 feet and 4 inches.

Before entering to the active politics he has been a member of the wrestling match in the state of Illinois in New Salem. But it was just a regional level competition. This paved the idea of entering to the national level championship wrestling matches in America. Also he was won several regional level wrestling matches. However after entering to the politics, he was not being able to enter to the field wrestling.

Obama with a black belt

The 44th President of United states of America ,Barak Obama was a black belt Taekwondo Champion. He was actively engaged in Taekwondo in Chicago  from 2001 to 2004.By then he was a senator in the Ilinoise region in America. Soon he receive a green belt in Taekwondo and later the president of south Korea, Lee Miyan has gave him a black belt for as an appreciation of his talents. The Taekwondo master of Obama says that he was the cleverest and the active student that he ever trained.

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