After the end of the second world war ,Britain artilleries were given new military trucks with the facility of making tea while being in the same position. The shooter of the truck was facilitated by this mainly.

Basically this creation was criticized by many countries ,but the basis for this concept was taken as a result of the experiences of the many poor soldiers who were actively engaged in the second world war .

Drinking tea is a habit of British’s and Portuguese. Mainly this habit was popular among many soldiers in the British artillery. As a result of this habit most soldiers has to face terrible incidents in the war.

It was believed that tea had some powers to get rid of stress and other mental illnesses. Moreover most of the soldiers were addicted to tea.

The Artilleries were given limited time for their needs in the war. But most of the soldiers wanted to get the read pleasure of drinking a cup of tea as a relief of their physical and mental sufferings .However having tea out of their military trucks and armored vehicles were a great risk for their lives. On the other hand it was a great opportunity for the opposing soldiers for an attack. Some attacks were recorded during the second world war due to this issue.

Also the fuels used in army trucks were used to heat the tea leaves and it was a severe break of Military rules. In 1944 two Cromwell military trucks were attacked by the German artilleries subjecting many soldiers in the 22nd Britain artillery in to death in the Normandy invasion recorded that they also had being enjoying tea while the attack was happened.

Similar incident was happened during the second world war in the Kurkush fight in which the German army commander Michaell Vitman could able to destroy over 14 military trucks within 15 minutes.The main reason for this devastation was also the neglection of being in the millitary trucks as the soldiers were enjoying tea outside.

After the end of the second world war the British Medical research council released their research papers highlighting the issues of 37% of the wounded soldiers were happened due to their carelessness and unnecessary gatherings. Outside the army camps.

Due to these reasons ,the government of England started a project to fix hot boiler to the army trucks. The first truck with a boiler was the “Centurion” Army truck.

A square shapes boiler was fixed to the tanks with an electrical foil to prepare tea and some other instant foods within the truck itself.

In 1950,the American Military forces also used this technology and today many war trucks has boilers within the trucks.

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