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Why you may get cracked Heels and how to fix them naturally

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#Extra Weight

Your feet carry the all of the weight of your body. Therefore you gain extra weight, Sometimes it may increase the pressure on the under your heels. Therefore it gets cracks.

For the fix that problem always keep your blood sugar level normally.

#Lack of Vitamins

Without some vitamins and minerals and other nutrients ,your skin just becomes dry and thick. For fix that problem add more vitamins in to your diet plan.

#Wrong shoes


Ill-fitting shoes and thin soles can also give you cracked heels and heel pain.Therefore wear shoes with closed heel that give you the proper support.

#Standing for too long

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Standing for a long time ,it’s hard to us. Because of the put additional pressure on your heels and its affect your skin in this area.Try to avoid standing for too long. Do some simple exercises for your heels.

# The wrong shower routine.


Very hot baths or showers is not a good at your feet. As well as harsh soaps can damage the natural skin .For fix this problem always use warm water when using a shower. Limit your time in bathroom to 5-10 minutes. Avoid harsh soap.

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