Many people wish to start a relationship. Because they think that they can’t live without a partner,therefore They try to make abound. But Intelligent and matured people are don’t like Marriage. They know , Marriage can’t fulfill their life.

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The parents and society are pressurized, find someone, and they told us, You may have a particular person for your life. Without a partner, they are realized the life is incomplete. But why you need another one? Will they be complete your life?

Being alone is better than engaging who someone shitty. As well as Being alone does not mean you are unhappy. So, don’t let others’ judgment make you feel upset.

Being alone is a new blessing in your life. When you are alone, you can understand Yourself better.

Be alone until finding a correct person who knows your worth, Who sees your entire life in your eyes, and who truly cares about you.

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