15 Japanese proverbs with Life lessons.

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Japanese people have a high culture. As well as Japan is an ancient country. Japanese people are living with today but never forget their history. They see their past as inspired.

Today adiz.me we are going to give a Japanese proverb. It can help to change your life.

Even monkeys can fall from their trees.
Check seven times before ever doubting someone.
If you understand everything you must be misinformed
A bad craftsman never made a perfect vase.
If you ask, you will feel shame for one minute, if you do not, you will feel shame all your life.
If you think about it, decide it. If you have decided, do not think about it.
A frog in a well does not know the greatness of the sea.
The earth always hardens after the rain.
Cold tea and cold rice are bearable, but cold looks and cold words are not.
Unless he dies, a fool may not be cured.
With the first glass, it is the man who sips the wine. With the second glass, it is the wine that sips the man. With the third glass, the wine drinks up the man.
Half an hour in a spring night is as valuable as 100 gold coins.
We must never forget the explorer’s spirit.
Sometimes you must use poison to deal with poison.
If you ask, you will feel shame for one minute, if you do not, you will feel shame all your life.

Don’t hurry. Read this carefully and realize the lesson behind this phrase. Your witness and your losses depend on you.

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