What is Kamma,Good actions caught good results,People who engage in bad action, they give bad results.

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Kamma or Karma means action , volitional action. In other words it is done by action. People engage in bad action, they give bad results. It is way to dugati. Dugati means hell, animal world  as well as pethaloka. Papa or Akusala means bad actions.

Good actions caught good results. As far as it helps to born a good world. Good actions are recognized as a “pin -kusal” in Buddha dhamma.

The ending of one’s life at whatever age is the nature of Samsara. But actually life is not end in death.It gets re -born and re -dead.

Today we are going to give the explanations of kamma and the result of those are,

  • One who kills they die at a lower age
  • One who harms animals gets a birth with many disabilities
  • One who does not kill they Live long
  • One who does not harm animals they get a perfect birth without any disabilities.
  • One who acts with hatred they get a birth with dark complexion.
  • One who acts without hatred they get a birth with fair complexion.
  • One who envies another’s happiness they get a birth without fame.
  • One who doesn’t envy they get birth with much fame.
  • One who does not give dana they get a birth of poverty.
  • One who gives dana they get a birth with richness
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Super, namo buddhaya

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