Easy ,Tasty healthy salad for weight loss by using Watermelon

Water melon is known as best weight loss fruit. As well as it has high level of water content. It helps to improve heart health , the water and fiber means you’re eating a good volume of fool without a lot of calories. Watermelon is good for skin and hair.It rich of vitamin V and A.This is a light and fresh salad . You can have it as you like. It is the best part of this salad.


• 6 tbsp. lime juice
• Watermelon
• 250 g Feta cheese
• Bunch of mint
• Bunch of fresh parsley
• 100g black olives
• Black pepper
• 1 Small red onion


Take Onion & Cut into small pieces ,soak them  in lime juice

Take a large bowl, mix watermelon, parsley ,feta ,mint ,olives and onion. Spray olive oil and black pepper on it. Enjoy it with lot of benefits.

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