Godfrey Baguma, 47, who is accepted to experience the ill effects of an uncommon, obscure ailment, and his significant other Kate Namanda, 30, invited a child young lady. Baguma won the not exactly great title in 2002, after he entered the opposition to bring in cash for his destitute family.

Before his union with Kate, Godfrey had two youngsters with his first spouse – however their marriage reached a conclusion when he found her cheating with another man. He said that, ”I stayed with her since four years .But I didn’t want to shown others to her until we had a child ,because they would compulsory advise her to leave me.

When she was six month in pregnant period ,she left me. But after she accepted her fate and she came back two months ago.

I had explain her to my situation and I had given the freedom for leave me.

Even though this couple got married in 2013 as well as they have six children.

He spoken about their romance, As well as kate said, Find a man you hope ,If you think you are right.do it. Don’t listen what others say. Follow your heart. Never make money and physical appearance to be a issue.

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