A Verbal Aid before Using a Hearing Aid

In modern-day, most of the people tend to take lots of things they are born with, for granted the ability to listen is one of the most critical yet ignored gifts that humans received.

One of the significant reasons the deteriorate the hearing ability of modern-day people are listening to loud music. One may laugh reading this but believe or not. In Britain, about 4 million people are at serious risk of losing their hearing ability.

Using earphones and going to music concerts, especially hard rock music fans, are considered as the most common victims of this issue. A female who faced this unfortunate situation described her story for us.

“Motorhead” named as one of the loudest bands in the world. She was a hard rock fan, and she once visited a concert conducted by the motorhead. Regardless of the fun, she gained her ears were exposed to 140DB of noise which is 30DB more than a supersonic jet engines noise.

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At that time, she paid no attention for the tiny ringing echo inside her ears.

After 15 years from this incident when she was working in a supermarket, where there are shoppers background sound and music she found herself difficulty of hearing what people were saying. On another occasion, when she was in a party with her neighbours, she was listening to someone and responding nodding & smiling without the slightest idea of what she was saying due to her hearing disability. Later her husband has informed her. That the neighbour was describing her ill son, she found herself in a very embarrassing situation.

Then she immediately went to see an ENT surgeon have her hearing checked what she found shocked her, she has a hearing loss and it was increasing. The surgeon has said years of listening to loud music and using microphones has caused dangerous for her tiny hair cells inside the ear which functions in the hearing process. Now she is using a hearing aid.

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This is one example when looking around the society on a busy day in a busy street one can see most of the people have some utensils fixed in their ears, either it can be earphones, earbuds, headsets etc… If this keeps increasing within no time, most of us have to attend to our ENT surgeon.

So finally harboring my opinions, I would love to suggest everyone, it is okay to use equipment like headphones, earbuds but know your limits the lesser you use it, the higher your hearing will be lost.

Pay more attention to the gifted abilities we process. Protect them.    

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