Amazing Healthy benefits of Eating 2 Eggs per day

Amazing Healthy benefits of Eating 2 Eggs per day

We all like to live very healthily. Sometimes we are afraid to eat eggs too much per day. Don’t be stress. If you are healthy you can eat eggs.

You have problems now?

How many and how often?

In one large egg about 70 calories. As well as protein that can help you to control blood sugar level. Egg protein is providing essential amino acids. we are done some research on the benefits of the chicken eggs ,If you are eating two eggs for a day,You can reach these benefits.

# It is good for brain development

Eggs rich of choline. Lack of Choline leads to a memory decrease.

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# Eyesight is protected

According to the chicken eggs are rich in lutein. Lutein can clear and sharp eyesight.

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# The risk of heart diseases is reduced.

Cholesterol from eggs is balanced with phosphatides. Furthermore, eggs contain omega-3 acids which reduce triglyceride levels.

# Lose weight

According to American research if you add a low -calorie diet with chicken egg intake for your breakfast, you can lose weight very fast.

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# Reduce the risk of cancer

Choline also helps to reduce the risk of cancer. The women who eat two eggs per day, the risk of developing breast cancer decreased by 18%.

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