Avatar: The Last Airbender Is About To Make A New Start

It has been a piece of exciting news for both cartoon and Netflix fans that the creators of Avatar, The Last Airbender are about to conclude their agreement with Netflix. Avatar fans were waiting almost two and half years for an update regarding the latest series. Michael Dante DiMartino, one of the creators, had stated that they would no longer work with Netflix. The official news was released to fans over a formal letter which emphasized he is no longer engaged with the Avatar, The last airbender project and the original series is about to end. Further, he has mentioned that they have been developing the series for the last two years, and it was a tough decision to be taken.  Also, the news has been confirmed by several official parties including, Bryan Konietzko, one of the creators of the series. Avatar, The Last Airbender held their final appearance in 2018 then after any series was not premiered on any media. 

There are not clear intentions nor the disagreements of both parties. However, Michael Dante DiMartino has explained why he had to resign from the project. According to him, the animator has been hired as an executive producer and showrunner by the Netflix then there have been doubtful incidents, and the final decision has been to leave the project. The animator has described the sudden incidents as “Unforeseen events”. One thing has happened for sure: Netflix has made immediate changes in their plans. As the way DiMartino has seen this situation, it has been the hardest decision that has happened to be made. One of two developers, Konietzko has updated his status via Instagram stating that it has been a pleasure to work with skilful individuals and it’s the time to say goodbye Although Netflix has not made any statement yet, this will not be the end of the series. But, it will be a fresh start for both the developers and their fans.

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