Be like an eagle….


In this world, everyone is trying to be a dream achiever of their lives. So many world-famous billionaires who have succeeded in this life have described how they achieved their dreams.

image credit : pixbay

But why doesn’t everyone follow that? Why doesn’t everyone want to get that path? If we’re going to be a dream achiever, we must change. If you don’t change, you will become only a daydreamer.

In the kingdom of the bird, the eagles can be described as a bird with unique behavior. The eagle lives for about 70 years, but at about 40 years of age, the bird’s beak curls up and making it impossible to eat. Due to the elongation and curvature of the nails, it is challenging to catch prey.

These birds will have to make an immediate decision. They either have to die, or they have to make a change through a painful process.

image credit : pixbay

They choose the painful path.These birds spend about 150 days climbing a mountain to make a fresh and new change through these painful processes.

Then they start to break their beaks by hitting on a rock.

It is a painful experience, but they continue until the beak is broken. After this difficult time, they remove their hardy nails and wings, until they have a new nib.

After this painful 150 days, they become like a newborn eagle. That is how they change themselves to live another 30 years.

image credit : inhabitat

So, Are you ready to change your life? Do you have the confidence for that change? Do you willing to achieve your dreams like an eagle? Then you change you. Identify your eagle. Find that new “I” that lives in your inside. Then you can become a dream achiever, not a daydreamer.

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