Believe in your dreams

Dream is a series of emotions and thoughts usually occur during sleep. Some say that they are the actual desires of a person that he/she likes to achieve in the future.Most of the people just simply let their dreams go away due to negative their negative frame of mind. But only a few try to achieve those with hard work, dedication, and inspiration. At the end of the day, these people win their lives and become an inspiration for the rest of the world.

This person was born on 15th October 1964 in China. He was the second child in the family then and most of the period of his childhood was behind doors as communism in China at that time was at the highest stage and most of the people had little contact with the rest of the world. However, all these external environment factors could not stop this inspirational boy from achieving his dream.

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He started learning English from 12 years old. The tourism industry started to ecome more popular in China since 1972. This boy rode his bike for nearly 40 minutes to work as a tour guide for a hotel in his city. What do you think? Did he do all these to have some money? You will be amazed by the answer. This boy did all this to learn English. Instead of having money, he exchanged English lessons for the work. His multiple failures in his educational journey did not stop him from achieving his dream. In fact, all those inspired him to achieve more.

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After completing his college life, he got rejected from 30 different companies including the world-famous KFC.

In 1985, this boy got a chance to visit Australia for a vacation. The entire thinking pattern and the whole life of him took 360 degrees to turn when he visited Australia. Earlier he thought that China was the richest and the happiest country in the world. But this visit to Australia helped him to understand the reality.

After being rejected by almost everything, he launched an online store called “China Page” with his friends. But due to funding issues, he had to close down that too. Did he quit there? No, this inspirational man launched another online based business with his friends and wife and named it “Alibaba”.Yes, this amazing person is none other than Jack Ma. Despite having lots of issues, he developed his brand and attracted many top investors including companies like Yahoo too.

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Now “Alibaba” is one of the top online stores in the world and many work under him. In fact, Jack Ma has become an inspiration for the whole world and a role model for many. Hundreds of rejections and failures could not stop him. Now it’s market capitalization is $200 Billion and he lives a very happy life.

Do not let one bad day ruin your dream

Work, work and work more until your dream is achieved

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