Bella Hadid beats Lil Pump back as a “loser” after Trump’s rally appearance.

Model Bella Hadid does not hold back her sincere thoughts about supporting the rapper Lil Pump for President Donald Trump. Hadid beat the musician for showing a MAGA-inspired photo with a huge Trump flag on election day.

She wrote in an Instagram story“That is so irresponsible,” that passed the photo on. “This kid is a loser.”

Lil Pump released the photo on Instagram Monday. It shows the “Gucci Gang” rapper wearing a Trump 2020 hat. Caption and the Trump flag of the photo, which read “MAGA 2020”, did not hide his endorsement of Trump.

Republicans praised the rapper after he shared his support for Trump. Even Trump’s son, Don Trump Jr. applauded the musician. The politician’s son showed a video of Lil Pump declaring his loyalty to the current president. “Because Trump is a good man,” said Lil Pump while wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat. “Trump is the type of man, he says everything that’s on his mind, and I love that. I love that.”

Hadid spent much of the 2020 election season encouraging her fans to register to vote. She was even introduced as one of the celebrities faces of V Magazine during her election campaign.

On Instagram, she shared her “Vote” cover on the October 14 with a political caption. “I know everyone is telling you, and vote/the election is all you see,” she wrote, “Truly, that is because this is the most important election ever for real change. He can no longer be our president. #votehimout I love you all, let’s do this.”

Hadid revealed that on Tuesday morning, she and Mother Yolanda Hadid had gone to the election. Especially in Hadid’s efforts to vote Trump out, it was even more significant although the occasion was monumental. “Took my mom to the election for the first time today! She has only recently become an American citizen, and this year she was so determined to get out and vote,” Hadid wrote. “I am so proud of her!!!! Wearing our best Blues!!!!!”

There was no sign of sister Gigi Hadid in the family polls, although Gigi asked her own supporters to vote on Tuesday over a Monday night selfie from Instagram….

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