Coronavirus and trends in food delivery

Coronavirus has impacted almost all the industries in the world. Lots of industries today trying to find ways to continue their businesses by practicing safety measures introduced by health experts. Due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus, hotels and restaurants had to stop their operations and were shut down. Recently many authorities let restaurants and hotels to deliver products to customers by accepting orders through the internet and by messaging systems. So food delivery has become a trend in the food industry and this is becoming popular among people quickly.

Currently, the United States of America is the most affected country by this virus. The majority of the cities are closed due to this. So people do not have the chance to go to restaurants and cafes as earlier. Therefore many firms have started to deliver foods to customer doorsteps. Postmates is one of the first in the United States of America to start this food delivery service. They launched a new service called “No contact delivery” in 4200 cities in America. They developed their app and informed about this new service via mail to its users. They introduced three options like delivery to the door, leave it at the door, and meet the customer outside for the customers to select. Instacart, another food delivery agent has introduced “Leave at my door” option for customers who may not at home at the time of delivery. The company urges customers to use the same option during this period. Blue Apron, another food delivery service is also delivering food to customers and is also inviting people to join them as the demand for online food delivery is rising rapidly. Blue Apron invites people who lost jobs in the food services industry to join with them for permanent and temporary positions. The researches also show that Uber Eats, GrubHub, and DoorCash are also engaging in contact less delivery and further show that their demand is not as high as others.

Coronavirus is also spreading in the United Kingdom at a faster rate. So most of the cities there also are under lockdown. Therefore food delivery services are becoming more popular among people there too. Recent researches show that Just Eat service is the most popular delivery service in the United Kingdom with 52% of the users. Dominos, Uber Eats, Deliveroo, and Papa Johns are other delivery services that are currently operating in the United Kingdom.

Australia is another country suffering from coronavirus. Australians are used to have their meal from restaurants from the past. So closing down restaurants and hotels are affecting the Australians more than others. Uber Eats recently mentioned that they hired staff from other parts of the world including New Zealand to cater to the requirement of Australia. Founder of the pizza chain of 400 Gradi, Johnny Di Francesco has kept one of his outlets open in Melbourne for delivery and take away purposes. Deliveroo is also delivering food to customers in Australia with Uber Eats.

So it is clear that the food delivery industry is one of the few industries that operate and earning profits during this crisis. Many major food delivery service brands are operating during this time and trying to fulfill people’s needs as much as possible. So food delivery has become of the trending topics among people during this time.

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