Death Valley, What Will Be Like To Be On The Hottest Place On Earth?

You don’t need to pay a visit to hell to feel the real hotness as there are plenty of places on Earth. Although people are working hard to achieve the entire world’s title, there are few places on the Earth yet. It is situated in California that has recorded the highest temperature on Earth in recent times. It is a park that has been identified as Death Valley National Park. Brandi Stewart, who is currently working in the national park, says it feels like a walk-in hell. Although it is usual to have a higher value on the temperature readings in an area with sand and canyon near Nevada, it is impossible to have a text of almost 130F. Last Saturday, the temperature was read as 54C, which is unlikely you to imagine. A picture was released with the rumors stating that the heat seems to have risen to 69C. Although it is an impossible thing you to believe, these people enjoy the natural habitat daily.

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has officially they are already working on the verification of the above details. However, the official confirmation is not needed for a person who has been living his whole life in the area, says Brandi Stewart. She has been working in the park for almost five years. According to the lady, a person who lives in the park cannot sweat on his body as the high temperature evaporates the sweat quickly. ‘Unfortunately, the residencies of the park’s workers are located in Furnace Creek, where the highest temperature was recorded. Although many air conditioning machines are fixed in the houses, it will be messy when the electricity is on failure.  So far, Furnace Creek is the hottest place on Earth until a competitor arrives.

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