Do you like to offer things for others? You must read this

The buddha is born to this world in order to convince the people about the suffering of life and to deliver them from Samsara Dukkha.

Dana means giving away something to someone. Presenting robes, food etc. The person who is higher than the giver in qualities such as “Sila“ falls into the category of  Offering. Giving is the best quality we all are achieved.

Those who want the achievement of Nibbana develop this quality also. As it was good for life in society. Dana is helpful in developing thoughts of loving-kindness free from Lobha and dosa.

As well as in our life we want to make a habit of Maithree. Don’t hate other people and also try to be a good person and try to do good things.

AS far as it full fill the Dana Parami. If you are giving to dana you may lose the greed. Even though if you are giving don’t show your richness to society.

Helpful people are very rare in this society. Therefore gain your giving qualities and never hope the return things.

Practice that, making a habit of offering something daily. It can make your way to very well.

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