Don’t let anything take your dream away

Inspiration simply means the will power to do or feel something. I hope this story will also inspire you and will take out the hidden hero inside you. This amazing man wanted to join the Indian Army after his school life and joined the Indian Territorial Army as a reservist.

image credit : BBC Radio

He met with a parachute accident in 1996 and three of his vertebrae got damages due to this. Even the doctors were not sure about his life and thought that he would be paralyzed for the rest of his life. All his hopes and dreams got onto a standstill, and he got lost in his thoughts. Luckily he survived and spent his next 12 months in the military rehabilitation center. But this amazing and courageous person started to believe himself and wanted to achieve his childhood dream of climbing the Everest at any cost. Even a 16,000 ft parachute accident which nearly killed him and crushed three vertebrae could not stop him from achieving his dream. He inspired more and more to achieve his dream and on 16.05.1998 climbed to the summit of Mount Everest just after 18 months of the parachute accident. This inspirational man is none other than Bear Grylls. He is also famous among millions of people around the world for his Man vs Wild show in Discovery Channel.

This story tells us about the enthusiasm and inspiration Bear Grylls had. Even though he met with a bad experience, he did not forget his dream and wanted to achieve it somehow. He did not care even about the doctor’s opinion and wanted to achieve his dream. It is truly his inspiration that gave him the strength to achieve it. Now let’s think about our lives. How often we deviate from our dreams due to the obstacles we face? We do not want to take that extra risk to achieve our dreams. Bear Grylls invites us today to forget our fear and achieve our goals. We must not let our dreams go away due to the bad experiences we face in our lives. In fact, we need to consider those as blessings as Grylls did.

Forget your fear. Achieve your dream through inspiration.

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