How to catch up on your life in a difficult time

On a much tired night, I received a what’s app message ” Catch up machan, a little more”. This was the last sentence end of a conversation with my best friend. That wordings still remain in my mind. This is a true experience of mine. Now I will share my actual story with you. Definitely, you could add valuable points with regards to “how to catch up on your life in a difficult time”

This was a COVID 19 period. My university is scheduled for final exams online mode. At that time I have two kids, aged two months and five years old. Still    Also this period I’m the one major financial provider at my home. Because my husband is lost his job in the hotel sector due to COVID. Basically, as a mother, working lady, housewife and student are the several responsibilities I managed.

Thank god, I have a kind friend who always assists me with my highest studies. He knew my home & life situation very well. The exam days I’m living very stressed.  However, I faced exams perfectly. But, I did a big mistake. After the end of my final exams, forgot thank to him. I’m not a selfish person. The situation of the home and busy with kid matters, I postponed to reply him.  Around midnight received the message, “how are your exams, I’m waiting for your call friend”. Oh! really shamed me and explained my difficulties with the update being delayed. He understood; finally said,  Catch up machan, a little more.

When I was ready to give up, he always encouraged me. However, pain is pain. It’s verity person to person. But, I remind his wordings. Did self-study. Thought more and more. Always planning to stay motivated. Hope my self-study key points will help you all to realize, how to catch up on your life in a difficult time. Here are some strategies for channeling your life a little more.

Make a list of everything you enjoy

Everyone has a favorite thing which can enjoy your life. Books, films, sports or meals, etc., Sometimes it can be a place to visit. Don’t think more. It could be a very small thing. Don’t say, I don’t have anything to enjoy. Make a schedule for how can enjoy yourself with most like one.  Say bye to your routine work lines at home. Normally, after a heavy day of work, I like to drink black coffee. Reading some positive articles. Before bedtime, those are the simple things I’m doing. Very helpful to leave the stress and prepare for the next day.

Take an interval

People forget that life isn’t just about working. Even if you enjoy your job, are satisfied with your salary, and are dedicated to your company, you require a break. Sure, your job provides unique benefits and competitive pay, but these are all external sources of motivation. Trips and get-to-gather are examples of outdoor and family activities that can boost your self-rewards. How else will you be able to enjoy everything life has to offer outside of your work hours.

Maintain your health

Health is the most important factor to catch up with your life-long run. Most people forget this in a difficult time. A meal plan and exercise are the main reasons to lose your health. You have complete control over what meals you prepare. Make the decision to eat healthier, not only will it make you look better. But it will also make you feel better. Hunger creates feelings of stress and inefficiency. Nobody gets much done on an empty stomach.

Remind good old days

Basically, our people are always reminded of failures and bad experiences. Please don’t. Forget all incidents in which you felt sad. Think always, about how to catch up on your life in a difficult time. Remind good old experiences. Share with others. Talk with family members. Consider the time you won your first achievement. Remember the first time you received a perfect score on an exam.  Remember how great those achievements felt? The more confident you are in your abilities, the easier it will be to develop your self-motivation.


Those are simple steps that I followed. We can drive our life ourselves for some inspiration. Both internal and external reasons can be added to motivate life. Sometimes it can be rewards, incentives, and material gifts. Follow your dreams and goals always. Then you will understand how to catch up on your life in a difficult time. Thanks a lot, friend. Still, I’m Catch up on my life, a little more”. To read & add positive things to your life stay with

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