Impact of coronavirus on the job market

COVID 19, new coronavirus has impacted almost every filed in the world. The threat of this virus is still there in almost every country and people are becoming hopeless day by day. Apart from its negative impact on the health field, this has certainly affected the job market everywhere, and the impact on the job market has negatively impacted the economy. Researches reveal that more than 700,000 people have lost their jobs due to this and 60% of them are women. Reports further state that most of these closed jobs are related to the hospitality and leisure industries. So it can be seen that corona has not only killed people physically, it has killed people economically and financially too.

Almost all the governments have asked people to stay inside their homes to spread the virus. So companies have asked their employees to work from home to continue their businesses. Activities like attending to sporting events, traveling to places, dining outs, and attending musical concerts have all been stopped due to this lockdown.

So have you thought about the number of jobs lost due to this?

Have you thought about the sports pavilion and ground cleaner’s job loss due to this?

Have you thought about the dish cleaner’s role in a hotel?

This is not simple. Many people, both we can see and behind doors have lost their jobs due to this global pandemic.

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Are there any survivors or job sectors that have gained more due to coronavirus? Yes, some job fields managed to survive and even gained more during this period.

Most of the companies that offer online services to customers have survived and gained more in this period. Supermarkets, pharmaceutical services, food delivery outlets, and online stores are some of them. This is largely due to the online platform that they work from. Many authorities have allowed doorstep delivery options and companies with online platforms and delivery channels have gained more due to this trend and change in the economical structure. When most of the companies are cutting down jobs, tech companies are hiring people to find new ways and to develop more innovations to cater to this digital revolution. Another research revealed that Amazon is hiring 100,000 due to excess demand in this period to cater to customer’s wants.

So it can be seen that the world is currently moving towards a digital-based economy and the jobs with digital platforms will have a higher percentage of surviving in the economy rather than others.

Therefore take a moment and think about it

The Digital revolution is in place. The job market is moving towards it.

Stay with us for more exciting facts around the world.

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