It’s Confirmed That Joe Biden Doesn’t Own Antifa.Com

Last week there was a viral thing that happened for the Donald Trump Supporters, directing the domain name to Joe Biden’s official website. Many parties came onto the stage and posts were shared on the social media platforms telling it was a master plan by Joe Biden. The name itself Antifa stands for anti-fascists which is an organization that directly involves activities against Trump. The incident happened in a crucial moment when the Presidential election Nominee, Joe Biden was conducting his campaign successfully. Many questions had arisen due to this domain issue that had linked with the former vice president Joe Biden.

image credit : techio

Did the democratic Nominee Joe Biden buy the website for his campaign? Was that intentional? Is Joe Biden responsible for this set of work? These questions were spreading like a fire in the viral media. According to several proof and media status, the news is not accurate. It has been confirmed that Joe Biden is neither responsible for the domain matter nor the purchasing of the particular website. The easiest way to understand the redirecting issue is to get into the web designing basics. The owner of a specific domain can direct its traffic to any other website without spending hours. The person who owns has just sent a link to lead his domain to Joe Biden’s website. For doing that, doesn’t need the permission of Joe Biden. That doesn’t mean Joe is not running the site. That can also be a mistake that Joe Biden has made. A single mistake could have exposed the domain. Some of Joe’s supportive allies suspect it was a task that has been committed by either Trump or his supportive parties. is maintaining large security measures to keep their owner’s details without being exposed to the public. So, the secret will remain for a long time.

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