Jesus on the cross

Jesus and cross can be mentioned as the basis of Christianity. It is believed that Jesus Christ has sacrificed his life on the cross to save the entire world. Further, it is believed that Jesus was crucified because of the sins of the whole world. The Holy Bible also states that Jesus Christ was not hesitant and happily accepted the cross and the death to repay our sins.

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At that time cross was used to punish people for their wrong deeds. It was a death penalty given to them. Dying on the cross was regarded as a shame and the people who wanted to kill Jesus Christ not only wanted to kill him physically but to provide him with a shameful death too. The nails which used to stick were like spikes. The nails were there on the forearms and the feet were joined parallel and they were fixed by one nail at the heels. Can you even imagine the pain that Jesus Christ had gone through? That is also for other sins. But he could bear all that because of his endless love for us. Jesus Christ hanged on the cross for about 03 hours and recited 07 holy statements too at that time. This also showed his love and mercy towards people even at the time of death.

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5,466 wounds were found on Jesus Christ’s body. 5466 wounds on a human body? Yes, think of the suffering and the torture he had to undergo. According to the Gospel of John, one soldier there pierced Jesus’s body with a sword to be certain about death. Blood and water were poured from his body at that time and caused his death.

It is also mentioned that Jesus had risen again 03 days after his death and became the first person to rise from death. Jesus died due to our sins. Are we repenting on it? Are we trying to mend our ways? No. Still, people try to work according to their wish to commit sins on the process. So aren’t we hanging Jesus Christ on the cross again and again?

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