Most well-known Spanish stylist Alexis Ferrer‘s wonderful hair cut – Digitally printed –ornate – inspired floral concept on to hair, modern collection name by La Favorite.

Alexis Ferrer is the most well-known Spanish stylist who combines botanical patterns with exclusive hair cut. This is called “La Favorite”. This model wearing blonde hair is printed digitally with romantic floral concepts. The series of images are wistful and modern at the same time.

Flowers and animals inspired countries to create the best fabrics for the French high class during the 18 century. This collection was photographed by Rafael Andreu and makeup by Mary Torres in autumn 2020. They made artwork by animating the 18 century. As well as in this way models wear inspired designs of insects, birds berries, and flowers. Modern technology and techniques help to recreate those fantastic hair patterns and decorations.

Scroll down to see some images from La Favorite.

© Alexis Ferrer
© Alexis Ferrer
© Alexis Ferrer
© Alexis Ferrer
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