The Boys Season 3 Is Already On News

Can you remember the Amazon Prime premiered series, The Boys? The producers are working hard to set the series on a continuous flow because of its recent popularity. Yes, it’s back with a bang. People hugged the series with lots of positive reviews for the first season. The theme set on a superhero cast with a slight change of nature could make a difference in the attitude of superheroes. The surprising fact about the latest news is that it states about the arrival of the newest character. Although the second season has not arrived yet, the team has revealed that there will be a new face in the third season.  Jensen Ackles is supposed to appear in the Boys Season 03 as one of the leading actors. Jensen Ackles has been a regular actor in the long-running tv series, supernatural as well. He will lead the Soldier Boy from the third season onwards. Soldier boy was created as a comic character by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson.

image credit : Michael Courtney/The CW

Also, the character is believed to be the first superhero of the Boys’ cinematic universe. Although many parties announced this News over several ways, Ackles made a special appearance via his Instagram account, showing that he is reading the comic series of The Boys. The video ends with the Boys Season Three in letters. The impressive facts suggest that the relationship between the supernatural and the Boys is creator Eric Kripke, who managed to conduct successful ten seasons for Supernatural.  So, you will be able to see the loving character in The Boys as well.  Although there’s no exact date for the premiere of Season Three, the directors are planning to a time around 2021 after the second season. If you are bothering about its filming in this pandemic situation, you will be pleased to know that the filming part has concluded already.

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