The designer create “The pet body defensive layer” to protect little dogs form coyotes , some aggressive dogs and birds of prey.

everywhere tiny people are like to get  more challenge such as small dogs are act like very roughly. Therefore they have targeted by kind of coyotes , some aggressive dogs and birds. Then they need little assistance from time to time to secure themselves.

However  San Diego ,one of the amazing and kind-hearted man started a small family own business to save this tiny lives. Paul Mott, Pamela Mott, and Nicole Mellom plan “the pet body defensive layer” by using tall fibers and spikes. Not only their protection this also get the pretty look. Like our boss.

The thought Of Coyotevest came after death of family pet , ” Buffy” by attacking a coyote. In this way he think to save other tiny dogs lives.

It is brilliantly shaded and lightweight nylon bristles  and join to the highest point of the vests and outfits with Velcro. It is acting as a spike like shield. The CoyoteWhiskers, vest and spiked layers are available in different colors.

Look at photographs of pets in their defensive CoyoteVest gear beneath.

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