The Nature of such an undeveloped person is, Buddha lesson by successful life – How to maintain the ideal life according to Buddha vision.

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Akkocchi mamacadhimam
Ajini mam ahasi me
Ye tam naupanayhanti

“ Such and such a person scolded me, beat me, defeated me, robbed my possessions, thinking thus if someone does not develop hatred , it will be pacified.”

This gatha shows how one must behave even when someone scolded him, beat him , defeat him or robbed his possessions .That is the Buddhist vision.

Na tam kammamkatam sadhu
Yam katvaanutappati

“If doing some action causes repentance , if the result of a given action causes grief with tearful face, it is better not to do .”

Nova days, there are various actions. Some of them are not useful to himself or he others. They cause only bad results. When one reminisces certain actions done within a life time, it causes repentance. Such actions are not good.

As far as living beings are constantly inclined to do unwholesome things. They have a greater  liking for, doing unwholesome things. They are less inclined to do things that give happiness.


“Some persons without living on high principles without getting wealth during youth and in old age living like a cakra bird which was grieving over the lake with no water and fish, repent.”

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