This amazing frog is so fat and bulgy, People are having struggle with believing it’s true.

Frogs are perhaps some of the charming animals on the earth. They come in several species, each one has their own attributes and physiology. Some of them have the skin of translucent or striking colors.

Earlier this month, a Twitter user has been posted pictures of a “rare creature” with an impossible round, glob like body and suitably dramatic face. All of the Twitter users have faced a common problem. They can‘t find what is it?

image credit : koshin0919

Popular Twitter user Jodi Rowley, start a conservation biologist troubled with frogs. According to her conservation, She has been confirmed this creature is species of frogs “ Blunt –headed Burrowing Frog or Glyphoglossus molossus. The reason for this frog so fat and bulgy is inflating with the air itself.

image credit : koshin0919

However 87 million species of the plants and animals on the earth.

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