Why do we love Jesus?

In the world there are various levels of love. Love isn’t easy one .Because we can’t explain it clearly. We all know Jesus is the best lover of the human history. Why did people love him when he walked on earth? After thousand years later millions of people love him.

It isn’t difficult to love for Jesus. Our love for Jesus  grows as we get to know him better through the scriptures.

The Bible says about people’s love for Jesus, and I asked some Christians why they love Jesus.

 Adiz.me ,we are going to introduced five reasons of Why we love more for Jesus?

We love Jesus because he first loved us.

He first loved me, our love for him can never match his love for us.

We love Jesus because ,He forgives our sins.

For our every mistakes ,he forgives all sins.

God’s Children Love Jesus.

Jesus Said to them ,”If God  were your father ,you would love me, for I proceeded forth and came from God. They who love the son and all of God’s children. 

They who love the truth, Love Jesus

Jesus said,  ”I am the way ,the truth ,and the life.  Since Jesus is the truth ,He is loved by Lovers of the truth.

How much do we love Jesus?

Jesus is worthy of our highest love.  He was a tremendous man .He spoke the truth without compromise.  His love for us was so great that he was willing to take upon himself the death penalty that we deserve ,so our sins might be forgiven.

Until our last breath, let us live for Jesus because he, until his last breath on the cross, gave His life for us.

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