Why people trust Jesus?

Jesus, is believed as the son of Lord by the Christians. Why do I trust Jesus? Have you ever questioned yourself like this? If not, try it once and feel what happens to you. You will be amazed by the thoughts. You will exactly know the reasons why you trust Jesus. Let us see some of the reasons why people trust Jesus now.

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The existence of a world

You are reading and going through these words. It is because of the existence of this world. The world was created millions of years ago and the Lord has created it. Jesus is the Lord. It is the faith of all Christians. So that is the main reason why people trust Jesus Christ.

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Design of the universe

We all have a well-designed world. All the things are perfectly designed and it goes on. This is the beauty of the creation. Everything works and designed according to the will of the Lord. It is the love of Jesus. So how can we get away from Jesus?

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Lord has become a man in the form of Jesus Christ. That proves the love for mankind. Then Jesus lived like a normal man. His love for mother and care for father has clearly shown in the Bible. He taught us to love and care for others. This has transformed many to better humans. People started believing in Jesus and recognized him as the Lord. This is how people started trusting Jesus. His miracles during his life further strengthened the trust people had. So it eventually became a revolution. People started loving and caring for others. This is due to the trust they had in Jesus. Finally he sacrificed his life for us and it made the whole world love him immensely. People started to trust Jesus more and more and it got spread to almost every part of the world.

So we have pointed out some of the main reasons why people trust Jesus. The reason you trust Jesus should come from your heart. It may not be the reason your friend has. It varies from person to person. Therefore;

Close your eyes

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