Wise Buddhist story for your child

Buddhist stories are very popular among children as an education tool. As most of them are written in simple language, they have become popular among children. They carry a wise message too. Now we will go through a similar Buddhist story that is especially suitable for children with a message for society.

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Siddhartha was a prince at that time. A man told that one day he would become a king and leave the palace to preach and help others. So his father was worried about this statement and kept him very close. The father did not allow Siddhartha to go out of the palace to hide the real situation of people’s lives. So Siddhartha did not know anything outside the palace as his life was farmed withing the boundaries of the palace.

Siddhartha used to love animals from his childhood. One day he found a swan wounded by an arrow. As he cared for animals very much, he wanted to treat this injured swan immediately. Then suddenly Devadatta, his cousin, appeared and claimed that the bird belonged to him. This started an argument between these two, and both could not come up with a solution. After that, both of them decide to go to the king’s counsel to obtain the solution for this matter.

Then both of them expressed their own opinions and said what happened. The wise man of the council said that the animal would be happy to stay with the one who tried to save, not with the one who wanted to kill. That moment Devadatta realized the need for love for the animals. He understood the feelings of animals. Then they were able to cure the swan. It flew to his family with lots of happiness.

So this is identified as one of the most popular stories with a message for children. This story is famous all around the world for its hidden, wise message.

So stay with us for much more interesting stories like this.

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