Find your next tattoo inspiration with rectangular style tattoos from Chinese artist must you should see

Still I like tattoos. Actually do you love tattoos? Even have you got on yourself? This is for all who love for tattoos. In this modern world the tattoo  grows in technology and in wonderful artwork as well. Among the stand tattoo trends, those style has received most of attention by tattoo lovers around the world. The main features of this style is they add colorful illustrations within a frame of a mathematical shape (Frame is rectangle).The creative artist Franky Yang from Beijing has managed to bring her own designs on this trend which is really eye – catching feature.

Franky Yang using the aforementioned parameters, but her designs based on  traditional Chinese art. Therefore she can do a lot of illustrative storytelling by applying traditional styled artwork on the her customer’s skin.

Not like traditional tattoo styles, this style has dramatic elements. This style very bright and colorful .It is most popular trend among younger generation of tattoos lovers on the social media platforms.

Some of yang’s talented tattoo artwork listed below. All tattoo lovers  as well as collectors ,artists are welcome to share your ideas and stories with us in the comments sections below.

More info & Photo courtesy: Franky Yang | Store


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