What would happen if you replace all drinks with water


Our planet is full of oceans, lakes, etc. We all know we can’t live without water because it gives us power and energy for our bodies. But now many people are addicted to soft drinks, sweet drinks, ice coffee, and many other things. They don’t trust the value of pure water. Therefore they are waving to many diseases to their life.

Drinking water also helps to balance your blood sugar, it may help to calm headaches, and it will help to fair your skin too.

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You can lose weight

you drink only water for nine days; You lose the same amount of calories. It likes you are jogging for 8 km a day.

You eat less

you are drinking more water. You haven’t felt more hungry. Therefore it helps to lose weight.

Reduce the risk of diseases

can fight many diseases such as hypertension.

Your skin becomes fair and light

help your skin to be bright, and your skin gets softly.

You Can save money

you are like to drink water; you ‘ll keep your money because you don’t need cash to buy a soft and sweet drink. As well as you can leave the harmful illnesses.

It is suitable for your heart

If you are to drink water daily, five glasses of water. It gives you lower the risk of a heart attack.

It gives warm-up for your brain

The brain need between 75-85% of water.it will help you concentrate your mind.

Run up your metabolism

If you are drinking water in the morning. It will help to speed your metabolism. As well as it is raising your energy levels.

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