100 year old lady surprise with her special day


Every year we have passed our special day. It means our birthday. Many people are celebrated their birthday in many ways. As well as this story will make cry. On her 100th birthday, that old lady gathered the surprise. That is from the garbage collector. He is the kind-hearted friend that she has. This story has been going the whole world immediately because this is a heart touching.

Ben Bid is the heroic man, and he takes a beautiful white and pink birthday cake in hand. She is called “Mercy.” For eight years, Ben Bird had been collecting garbage from Mercy’s house. He visits weekly. He is very friendly to everyone. As well as every Thursday, he takes ten minutes to talk. Ben started his work 8.10 because he takes time to talk with others. It was a minimal conversation; it’s a precious time for him. He repeats every day. Because it helps to become stronger, sometimes they talk about technology topics and etc.

Mercy is one of the best friends of Ben. Ben had made a promise to her that when she reached 100 years old, he would become her doorstep with a beautiful cake in hand. So he wants to make that right, and he kept his promise with a beautiful cake on that day. He gathered two of his favorite friends on this special occasion.

As well as Mercy’s second oldest granddaughter, Katy has been made a video clip and shared it. In this video, Ben is walking up to her garden with a cake. When she comes to the in front of the door they started to sing happy birthday, She has been surprised, and she has hidden her happy tears.

After that, Ben requested her to make a wish, ”telling that you may be living to be 105 too”. Katy is very thankful to friends and neighbors, especially Ben, for making her day very special.

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