A very endangered bird species , very rare and beauty angle bird with bright feathers

The Nicobar Pigeon is an uncommon, wonderful pigeon that is firmly identified with the imperiled Dodo bird. Albeit the two species have similar qualities, the Nicobar pigeon has lovely plumes, coppers, blues, and greens. The little white tail and red legs add to the excellence of the bird.

This single bird lives long in isolation on little islands and has splendid plumes because of the shortfall of normal hunters. This splendid pigeon is lives in the Pacific Ocean and Southeast Asia, Indian Nicobar islands to
we can’t confirmable the population of Nicobar Pigeon.

The release of them such as cats and rats into the islands where they live is a threat to the lives of these pigeons may be destoryed. As well as Nicobar pigeon is very specialized bird ,cause if that the government has got the steps for save that birds.

Image credits: Sue Demetriou
Image credits: Jaochainoi
Image credits: Jim4496
Image credits: Sue Demetriou

Image credits: Kathy Kornak
Image credits: Silvain de Munck
Image credits: Michael Deneau
Image credits: Laurie Hernandez

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