Healthy Breakfast

Eat like a king for breakfast
Eat like a normal person for lunch
Eat like a beggar for dinner

This is what our ancestors taught about the main 03 meals. So it can be seen that breakfast was treated with high importance even from the past. But the worrying sign is, it is the breakfast that most of us today are ignoring frequently and people find themselves falling into many diseases and issues due to this.

“We do not have much time to cook and have breakfast these days”

“Are there healthy food items for breakfast?”

We will try our best to give you solutions for these. So let us jump in to see some of the healthy food items that we can have for breakfast.


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Don’t you have much time to prepare breakfast? Then this is the best solution for your issue. This takes about 15 minutes to cook. Further Oats will reduce our cholesterol level due to its beta-glucan fiber. Oats contain nutrients like folate and potassium too. So start having Oats for your breakfast with fruits and nuts instead of sugar and honey.

Grapefruit with yogurt

Grapefruit with yogurt for breakfast? Yes, it is that easy and healthy too. Grapefruit contains antioxidants that can boost your immunity and controls blood sugar levels in our body too. Yogurt is rich in protein. So think about the healthy combination here. So try and add this for your breakfast.

Whole grain or bran cereals

This is another healthy food item that you can have for your breakfast. Do you want a healthy and tasty recipe? Here it is. Simply add whole grain/cereal for a cup of milk. Then add some fruits too. Just have it for one day and feel the difference. You will not regret it for sure. The proteins and vitamins included here will supply proteins for your body and will keep you running throughout the day.


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Add blueberries for your breakfast. It will benefit you in many ways. Blueberries will improve memory capacity of people and can control blood pressure too. Researches show that wild blueberries are filled with many nutrients. This will also help you to control your body weight as blueberries are lower in calories.

Whole-wheat bread

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Many are addicted to having bread for breakfast. Having bread for long will certainly increase your body weight and cause diseases like gastritis too. So here is the healthy alternative. You can continue having bread. But it should be whole-wheat bread. Try to have it an egg or with some butter. This will certainly make you healthier.

Is having healthy food items for breakfast difficult? No. We have given you some of the healthiest and easiest food items that you can start to have for your breakfast.

Stay with us for more exciting tips.

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